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Life Drop

Life Drop - A FREE Quick Blood Donor Finder App. It is an easy to use mobile application that searches blood donors from your neighborhood. It includes amazing features such as:

  • Quick Dial to Donor.
  • One touch SMS, emails and notification alerts to donors.
  • Route Navigation Map and Address of nearest Blood Banks & Hospitals.
  • It has amazing interface for quick registration of Blood Donors.

Math Planet Lite

Math Planet Lite is a wonderful app for kids to learn simple math while having fun. This easy to use mobile application engages children in a playful way ensuring that they develop an interest in math. Its unique eye catching images, simple design and inspirational music motivate their learning.


Math Planet

Learning and practicing math is always very interesting for children but it becomes more exciting when they do it with a mobile game app. With thousands of downloads worldwide , Math Planet is one of the best educational applications for children to learn basic concepts. The extremely realistic graphics and inspirational music make this app exceptional.


Math Planet Kindergarten

Math Planet Kindergarten is the latest addition to the Math Planet educational app series. The app refines the learner’s arithmetic skills. This learning app is divided into three sections according to age groups with preset challenge modes of easy, medium and hard.


Bingo Game

Bingo is a fun game played with numbers (between 1 and 25) where the player needs to match numbers in a line, vertical or horizontal, to win. With every win an alphabet from Bingo is stroked until the player completes the entire 'Bingo' pattern to win the game. The App has Multiplayer mode as well for you to invite your friends online to play with you.


Rate Your Kid

Rate Your Kid is mental training app for children. In the App the children match the row or the columns or arrange numbers according to a certain criterion. ‘Rate you Kid’ analyzes and vitalizes your child’s skill. It is a challenging game for children but with nice, simple, fun, colorful UI. It hones your child’s problem solving skills, enhances logical reasoning, improves mathematical skills and sharpens concentration.


Colorblind for CHILDREN

Colorblindness app allows you to test your child for any difficulty in identifying colors. This feature packed app facilitates learning, identifying, and memorizing of colors and comes with an inbuilt color blindness test. Colorblindness app is a great way to ascertain any challenges with sight and colour identification before consulting an Ophthalmologist.


Image Swamp

Children are obviously thrilled about learning. The Image Swamp is a fun image puzzle for kids that improves concentration and tests their problem-solving skills. Simple UI and enthralling graphics of the app are sure to hold your child’s interest for hours. This is one of the leading image puzzle game apps and continues to top the charts in the App Store.



Now you have all that you need to make math fun and easy for your child. With Number Planet App, children learn important numeric and arithmetic concepts while having fun. Challenging Math exercises are presented in the form of interesting games that children just can’t resist.


Number Swamp

Play is important to kids. That is how they learn, communicate and work through problems. But playing with numbers can be super fun as it is also involves testing your intelligence and logic. The Number Swamp App is a perfect number game app that helps build logical reasoning in early learners who just started with numbers.


My Bill Pocket

My Bill Pocket is an easy to use, free app that helps you to keep copies of your bills, receipts, warranty cards, ID Cards, certificates etc. and allows you to refer, share and even print them whenever or wherever you need. With ‘My Bill Pocket’ you can take a picture of any document and add tag them for easy reference.


Catch me... Catch Me...

This is an entertainment app in which one person is trying to catch another. The person who is being chased needs to get past ditches and avoid obstacles on the way. The user controls the person being chased and the game continues till the player loses all his lives or is caught.