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Foundation Day 2016

 We make time to celebrate our accomplishments… Yes Srishti turned an year older!! Srishti celebrated its 9th Foundation day on 1st September 2016, a day to recollect that there is no success without hardship

Mobile Payments

Are we moving towards a cashless future?  Thought-provoking isn’t it? It is a very common fact that we grew up on many things, let’s say a wall calendar, route map, telephone diary, alarm clock

Beacon Technology-Not really a passing trend, but much beyond that..

Before we discuss about the current and future developments of Beacon Technology, let’s have a quick recap. A wireless sensor that can communicate with nearby smart phones and tablets is called a Beacon. It

Thinking Open Source Content Management System! Which One is Right for You?

Content Management Systems have become one of internet’s most powerful web developer tools since PHP. In a market where websites need to go to market faster and developing them needs to be less tardy,

Growth of Wearable Apps and the Roadmap Ahead

Today Google announced that Android Wear Developers can soon create customizable designs for their Smartwatch Faces . Wearable tech is the buzzword that has gathered storm clouds in tech circles through the year.  Branded as

iOS Mobile App Development Trends to watch out in 2016

2016 is now midway. User trends around the world show that most technology users now see the mobile gadget as their primary computing device. The pioneering Apple Phone/Ipad has set the agenda for our

Mobile App Development in 2016 and Beyond

The mobile app industry is an emerging and exciting field to watch out for. It has grown by leaps and bound over the last decade and would continue to do so in 2016 and

Top Trends in Healthcare Mobility

Rapid emergence of the Internet of Things (IoT) is leading to sweeping changes across the world and in all realms of the industry. Healthcare is among the key sectors benefiting from this transformation. Surges in

Magento – Best Platform for Your Ecommerce Business

Your customers are increasingly browsing and buying products online or on mobile. From established brands to newbie entrepreneurs everyone is looking at getting a share of the growing e-Commerce market. Now that you have

Machine to Machine (M2M) Applications

M2M (Machine-to-machine) is a new technology in which devices or machines transfer information  through wireless and wired systems and complete actions without having the need for physical support. In M2M communications, a remote sensor