Foundation Day 2016

 We make time to celebrate our accomplishments… Yes Srishti turned an year older!!

Srishti celebrated its 9th Foundation day on 1st September 2016, a day to recollect that there is no success without hardship and dedication. Since its inception in 2007, we were at service to the weaker section of the society in areas like education and health. In continuation of the above, and as part of our 9th Foundation day celebrations, we conducted an organ donation camp. We organized it, in association with Pratheeksha charitable trust and with the support from Mrithasanjeevani, the organ donation wing of Kerala government. Many people came forward whole heartedly to be part of this noble cause.


Organ donation camp by Pratheeksha was inaugurated by our CEO Krishnadas Pisharam

The inaugural meeting was held at Uday Samudra Leisure Beach Hotel, Samudra Beach, Kovalam. It was such a pleasure to our eyes to watch all our Srishtians in the t-shirt, specially designed for the occasion.

The guests of honour for the occasion were Mr. Vasudevan    (Former Head- Business Development at Technopark) and Mr.Rahul Easwar (Author&Activist).

The Founder’s day celebrations commenced with the ceremonious lighting of the lamp, followed by the annual report on the company’s performance. Mr.Vasudevan has been associated with Srishti ever since its inception. Infact he has played the role of a mentor in Srishti’s development .He said he is very proud about Srishti’s growth over the years and every anniversary he consider it as a family reunion.He also included Technopark’s past and current developments. He wish Srishti to grow even higher to 1500 employees in the future. Mr. Rahul Easwer gave an insight to think whether we consider Srishti is  an organization and or an organism.He was very impressed with the name ‘Srishti’ and said, among the Technopark companies this is the best name he have ever come across. He also felt the name is apt for a company that aspires growth.

We are proud to introduce our newly launched products such as Child Academy and Life drop. Child Academy opens doors for the kids to enhance their ability in solving competitive questions, in Maths, Science and English. The methodology followed is designed by very renowned faculties across the country. Child Academy intends to provide scholarship to students who really wish to be successful in their life. Life Drop, the free quick blood donor finder app developed by us helps to find blood donors in the neighborhood by using GPS.

Some of our achievements include, Clinical Vista, the medical practice management application developed by us, that received recognition from Silicon Valley Business App Awards (SVBA) 2015.Srishti Innovative FZC, headed by a team of professionals, started its journey in April 2016 and takes care of the operations in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA).Clinical Vista is now successfully implemented in many of the hospitals in UAE within a short span of time.

Speaking on the occasion, Krishnadas Pisharam, CEO and President, congratulated the team for their achievements. He narrated the story of his growth from a mere spectator standing in the corridors of Nila building,Techno Park, to the CEO of Srishti Innovative. For us Srishtians, he is our super hero and source of inspiration. He said he is very grateful to people who have stood with him since the beginning of Srishti. He said more than awards he is more privileged as he was able to give job opportunity to more than 130 people.  The senior management included Mrs.Preetha Mohan,Executive Director, Ms.Haritha, COO, Mr.Vignesh Raj, Director and Mr. Rajagopal, General Manager. Mr.Vignesh Raj concluded the meeting with vote of thanks.

Founder’s day celebrations of Srishti provided yet another opportunity to showcase the talents of its employees. The team held us spellbound with fascinating performances of dance, music and drama. The top performers for the year were appreciated with special awards for their excellent work and for their contributions to the Company.


We Srishtians, when presented with an opportunity, are not afraid to go after it and that is our success mantra. Every day we set new benchmarks. We have miles to go, cheers to our team!!

As part of our 9th Foundation day celebrations, we also planned a get together of sponsored kids under Pratheksha, at our Srishti office. Around 26 kids were able to attend the programme along with teachers. We made an opportunity to make them meet and talk to their foreign sponsors through skype. It was really a pleasure to watch their conversations.

We provided them with breakfast which was followed by a small meeting where our CEO, Mr.Krishnadas Pisharam, Mrs.Preetha Mohan, Executive Director,Mr. Nizam and Mr. Vishnu Prasad gave their insights on Pratheksha and its activities.
We found some of the kids to be very talented and special mention to be given to Ms.Nithuna who entertained us with her melodious song. Similarly there were other kids who were equally talented and their songs were recorded, to be played in this week’s company FM..’Radio Friday”. Kids were surprised to receive gifts which was given away our by CEO, Mr.Krishnadas Pisharam, Mrs.Preetha Mohan (Executive Director) and Mr.Lallu Chandran (Project Manager). Children were made to wish their Teacher’s on account of Teacher’s Day. Some of our employees took the initiative to buy sweets for the children. A group photo was taken to make this special moments memorable forever.

All the kids were given the liberty move around in our office. Employees voluntarily took up the responsibility in explaining to them how an IT company work as team and showed them the different departments. This initiative was made to give them an exposure and create an awareness, with the hope that they will be encouraged to do well in their studies and achieve their goals.


We Srishtians are a set of right people, at the right time, with the right kind of resources, to do extraordinary things for society, business and individuals.



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