Growth of Wearable Apps and the Roadmap Ahead

Today Google announced that Android Wear Developers can soon create customizable designs for their Smartwatch Faces . Wearable tech is the buzzword that has gathered storm clouds in tech circles through the year.  Branded as the year of the Wearables , it is predicted that atleast 10 million units will be shipped out this year, rapidly rising to 700 million in the next 5 years making it a $47.4 billion business.  We at Srishti, have followed the rise of wearable computing with keen interest and our blog titled “Enterprise Wearables: The New Frontier” interestingly elucidates the pivotal role that wearables are going to play in improving workforce efficiency for businesses.

Despite WWDC and I/O DC 2014 clearly indicating leanings of Apple and Google respectively towards wearables, landscape is far too fragmented for developers and involves dealing with a different software development kit (SDKs) or API (application programming interface) for different devices. The release of Android Wear platform & SDKs  and dedicated Wearable Playstore by Google is a step in the right direction though many believe it will only add to the problem of fragmentation. Wearables indisputably represent a tantalizing and lucrative market carrying the whiff of promise, of future, of something new.


“Over the past two years, wearables have gone from a niche market to a revolutionary force,” says  Mareca Hatler, ON World’s research director “Developers from all major industries are seeing opportunities for sensor enabled wearables, integrated cloud applications and services as well as the next fashion trend.”

Though early days still, the question naturally arises, what can we expect in times to come?

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Whole New App Ecosystem is going to be Born: Wearables will create fundamentally new use cases. The apps will break away from the model of extending Smartphone and tablet experiences.

On Wrist-worn Devices, the Health and Fitness category will produce the Killer Apps:  The whole field of personal fitness and health apps will boom as the hardware matures and adds more advanced sensors.


A significant grey area is regulation, which has a major bearing on the potential market size. For example, there may be questions about the usage of smart glasses, which potentially enable anything said or seen by a smart glasses user to be captured, shared and archived.

Next 10 years will turns out to be a great wave for all wearable computing.  Wearable computing devices basically function as mini-computers, mainly strapped on a user’s wrist or face, though they may end up being worn on other parts of the body, too. In developing apps for them, programmers will focus on their voice-command features as well as GPS, gyroscope, compass and Wi-Fi capabilities.

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