iOS Mobile App Development Trends to watch out in 2016

2016 is now midway. User trends around the world show that most technology users now see the mobile gadget as their primary computing device. The pioneering Apple Phone/Ipad has set the agenda for our mobile computing future. Be it online shopping, hotel/cab reservations, fitness trends – all of these have now successfully ported to the mobile platform to suit all segments of the population.

Here are a few iOS Mobile App development trends to watch out for the rest of the year:


#1. Apps will go Free

Difficult to believe, but that’s how it is going to be in the future. We all tend to download existing free apps rather than the paid ones due to the price hurdle. Three-fourths of iOS apps are given away free and the numbers will only increase. The free-phenomenon is being seen as an introduction ‘hook’ and almost all apps will use the free model to drive downloads. The revenue will increasingly come from the within-the-app purchases.


#2. Cloud-powered apps are the ‘in’ thing

In the past year and half, mobile apps and cloud computing has seen an increasing level of synergy. Cloud support enables developers to maintain lean apps leading to a better bandwidth management and less memory problems. Naturally, it’s easy to synchronise apps across numerous types of mobile devices—like Apple Watch—which makes a developer’s task easier. Wearable devices will stand to gain a lot from cloud-empowerment.


#3.  Responsive Design to be no longer a trend

Responsive/adaptive design was seen as a novel trend by iOS enterprise app developers in the last few years. Rather than being a trend, it is now seen as a pre-requisite and a norm. iOS apps must meet the needs of every user no matter which Apple device—tablets and smartphones—is used for computing. Anything that is seen as not responsive will mark itself for extinction in the mobile app domain.


#4. Mobile App Security becomes foremost

iOS apps have always been more secure than Android apps in general. The trend is expected to continue. Android users are increasingly flustered by the security concerns surrounding their favourite apps. The increased security in iOS apps lead to a higher price point for Apple’s mobile devices but companies will tend to lean towards iOS apps for their work due to the security factor and a better service experience for the end-user. Security will become the prime factor differentiating user acceptance of mobile apps for their myriad requirements.


#5. Internet Of Things (IoT) gains credence

iOS apps have set the trend for new developments in the mobile computing arena. The ‘Internet of Things” will further push the ‘wireless’ angle in our everyday computing—linking our household gadgets and personal devices to the Internet to offer a total end user experience. It will the ubiquitous connectivity that will make the Internet the central computing device—raising the effectiveness of our economy, education, health care systems and our standard of living. iOS apps are now trending in this direction.


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