Machine to Machine (M2M) Applications

M2M (Machine-to-machine) is a new technology in which devices or machines transfer information  through wireless and wired systems and complete actions without having the need for physical support. In M2M communications, a remote sensor which is attached to a machine or a device, gathers data and conveys them through a network to a vital point which will be a computer most often. At this phase the gathered data is examined and exploited according to the requirements.

M2M only includes machines as a precursor to a new concept which involves communication between people and devices.

In simple words, M2M connects machines and establishes communication between them over networks.


Going mobile:

The support of wireless networks delivers more liberty in keeping the sensor in much more distant places thereby donating for a broader spread. The enhancements made on detecting devices yield extremely precise and trustworthy inputs of the machines which they are linked to. Any static or mobile assets can be observed and controlled effortlessly.

Safety and Quantifiability:

M2M provides high standard of safety by giving business standard encryption on both ends. Any number of Machine-to-Machine communications can be recognized inside a network or cross-networks and there is no confinement of sorts.

Reduces human effort and saves time:

M2M communication automates a monitoring process thereby limiting the need for a manual effort. You can monitor your assets (devices) from a remote location without making a personal visit to the site where it is located. This helps save money, time and effort.


 Areas where M2M is Beneficial:

Transportation and Logistics:

The logistics and transport industry is one among those amenities which function 24/7. Transportation between cities, states, countries or across the globe by air, land or sea can be tracked by fleet management and logistics companies. Time of distribution, robbery fears and physical damages are the other hard tests which make tracing of these movers a critical.

Here, Machine-to-Machine can be used to maintain a track of the physical location of the transporters (vehicles) and the goods it carries. Information about the place can be identified at any point of time and notifications can be received in case if any damages occur or an unapproved admittance is made.

Based on the continuous information of the convoy movement, convoy managing corporations can assign responsibilities efficiently. The driver conduct can also be observed.


Safe shielding valued properties, belongings and buildings is a challenging task for any commercial owner. The setup of alert systems and alarming mechanisms including, CCTV cameras, fire , access door alarms and trespasser alarms costs a lump sum amount and consume a lot of time to install. M2M which spins on the wireless technology binds the usage of wired connections so that convicts do not have the benefit of shutting down the security system effortlessly. Cameras and alarms linked to wireless observing systems can be fed to a vital checking station so that instant action can be taken if a robbery attempt is made.

Community Services:

Development of cities and villages has led to the increase of installing interlinked and automatic systems into community and private areas which are the important accountable aspects for refining the quality of life of its populations. For instance Machine-to-Machine technology can be made use in public transport systems which will help in adjusting bus timings based on the requests of travellers. Furthermore, real time updates on the bus sites can also be provided for commuters, which will help them to plan their journey accordingly.


Farming is still a labor-intensive industry. M2M can efficiently decrease the effort saving time and cost. M2M can help manage feeds on livestock, warehouse management of farming goods, automatic irrigation procedures and observing cowshed and poultry house.

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