Mobile First Strategy for Your Business

Changes in consumer’s usage and shopping patterns, breakthrough in technology and rapid adoption of new business tools and digital devices are making businesses redefine the way they operate.  Mobile applications are no longer a side pin to the digital revolution but right at the center stage to achieving business productivity.

Today, people use mobile devices as their primary means of interaction and communication with customers, family and friends. As per recent studies, 91% of mobile users keep their device in reach 100% of the time. 75% of mobile shoppers take action after receiving location-based messages. The digital landscape is increasingly complex and we need to design experiences that work across the entire digital spectrum. An enterprise’s success and growth is heavily dependent on putting a robust, always available, customer-focused mobile presence.

Mobile First  created by Luke Wroblewski is an approach that showcases the need to prioritize the mobile context when designing user experiences.

What is Mobile First?

In simple words, one starts designing for the device with the maximum limitations first (like a phone) and then adds functionality as we go along for devices with bigger screen and more capabilities. The approach ensures that the most important functionalities are available even on devices that have the most limitations. One ways to easily achieve this is through responsive design.

This design approach is also known as progressive enhancement.” The alternative to this approach is “graceful degradation,” where one starts with a full featured design complete with all the functionalities and then work one’s way backward.



 How to Design Components of Mobile First Strategy?

Why Mobile First Strategy?

“Designing for mobile first not only prepares you for the explosive growth and new opportunities on the mobile internet, it forces you to focus and enables you to innovate in ways you previously couldn’t” – Luke Wroblewski

Source: comScore

 Number of mobile users vis-à-vis desktop users as predicted is significantly larger in 2015 and will continue to grow so. You as business can no longer afford to consider Mobile as an afterthought. Mobile first is your best insurance against an exploding universe of devices and effort and time of future redesigns.

Businesses are developing domains intended exclusively for mobile phone in lieu of the data consumption patterns of today’s consumers. With a mobile-first strategy, you are ensuring that your target audience can reach out to you at all times.

With the introduction of Location-based technologies like beacons; wearables and m-commerce, IoT, mobile-first strategy is a critical part of every business model.

Growing culture of BYOD at workforce is forcing enterprise to design new policies around mobile and mobile technologies. .

Advantages of Mobile First Strategy

With Mobile First Strategy, you can

  • Attract new customer segments; improve productivity and metamorphize product value.
  • Achieve higher user engagement through applications served on multiple channels and OS.
  • Leverage the opportunity of higher return on engagement and conversions.
  • Offer consistent brand experience across all channels and at all times.

There are few must dos to get the business found by search engines in mobile:

  • The Website of the company and the Mobile site should have great content which is useful for your business.
  • Social Media plays an important role.
  • Directory Entries – Get your business registered in any of the listing directories
  • Review on the ranking, the more the rating is the rank increases.


Developing a mobile first strategy for the business doesn’t have to be difficult, with good planning, research and development you can access an entire market of customers who have the potential to build your business and increase sales.

With everything and everybody going digital, your business needs to have a mobile-first strategy and if you are ready to test the exciting waters of mobility management and mobile first model, we would be happy to help you with it.




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