PHP vs Python – Choosing the Language for Your Next Web Project

PHP vs. Python

PHP and Python are two of the world’s most popular Web programming languages at the moment, and naturally both have distinct advantages and disadvantages. Here is a look at how they stack up against each other

PHP vs. Python: Language popularity

There can hardly be any doubt about the popularity of PHP; in fact, it’s currently the most popular open source programming language. And this demand generally translates into a large pool of developers and knowledge base wide available across the globe waiting to be tapped for any web development requirements on the platform.

Python’s lack of popularity compared to PHP has often been considered its strength. Python developers though lesser in numbers are often of much higher quality leading to faster and effortless development.

However if you are looking at a programming language that is backed by  large and wide available knowledge base waiting to be tapped, you would be better off with PHP .

PHP vs. Python: Language syntax

PHP has a very C-like syntax. Anyone who has been exposed to a C-like language gets it straight away. Curly braces and semi-colons work exactly as you’d expect and it feels familiar.

Python can be more difficult to understand initially. Making white space significant instead of using curly braces requires some adjustment to how you think about your code especially if you have switched to Python.

PHP vs. Python: There’s more than one way to do it

Many programmers when faced by a new project will tend to run ahead and code up a solution before thinking about what’s required. PHP prides itself on offering as many ways as possible to solve problems.

With Python, you have do things right the first time around. If a task gets harder and harder to do, you know that you’re going about it the wrong way.

PHP vs. Python: Web programming

PHP often feels like it’s designed purely for creating Web pages, even if some people use it for other tasks. By default it’s really an HTML template with code inserted in.

Python, on the other hand, stands on its own two feet as a general purpose language. Programming for the web in Python involves choosing one of the web framework that gives you the functionality you want.

PHP vs. Python: Debugging and profiling tools

There are always promising links when you look for Python debugging and profiling tools using Google, but there always seem to be more available for PHP. The bigger developer ecosystem is an advantage here.

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