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Embracing Enterprise Mobility Management

Today’s enterprise comprises of broader, more diverse employee base that is utilizing mobile devices, applications and content in myriad ways.  Managing this diverse landscape can be challenging, increasingly so with the introduction of Bring

Location Based Targeting – Beacon Technology and Geofencing

This year one of the trends that has consistently created a buzz in the mobile app industry is location based marketing and targeting.  While still at a nascent stage, it entails using location monitoring

Selecting the Right Content Management System (CMS)

Today, Content Management System have become one of the most powerful tools in the arsenal of the marketer.  We’ve come a long way since the times when a content management system (CMS) was just

What is Ionic?

Ionic is an open source front-end framework for developing amazing cross-platform hybrid native apps with HTML, JavaScript and CSS. Some of the key features of the framework which makes it super awesome are Focus

Why Should Your Agency Hire a Mobile App Development Company?

When the first handheld mobile phone was launched in 1973, the device used was capable of less than 30 minutes of battery life and took 10 hours to re-charge. Fast-forward some 40 years and

6 Quick Tips on App Monetization

Every second person has an app idea and several of them are really good. But most lack a well thought out app monetization strategy. So before you decide to chalk down the specs of

Hire the Best App Development Company for Your Mobile Application

So you have a brilliant app idea and you are ready to take the plunge into the whole gamut of developing, putting it up in the app store, optimizing and monetizing it. Whether you

Meet the Team Series IV: Android Dev Team

Who or what is the key driver in any enterprise? Is it the technology, quest for market leadership or the human resource? We think a combination of all three – ‘Right Technology in the

Professional Android App Development India

The fast-growing popularity of Android Applications has created massive opportunities for Professional Android developers especially in India.Since its launch the Google’s Android platform has been growing continuallybecause, the android provides new opportunity to write

Srishti Innovative receives the prestigious Business Excellence Award for “the emerging entrepreneur 2013″

Srishti Innovative was conferred the prestigious Kerala State Business Excellence Award for the emerging entrepreneur at an event organized by the Cochin Herald, a leading business magazine in Cochin.The award was received by Mrs.