Top 5 App Marketing Strategies for 2015

Mobile has completely changed the view of consumerism in few years by becoming a tool for communication, watching Television, socializing, navigating, reading news and just about for everything. The mobile app store is considered as a competitive place, With more than 90000 apps in the apple store and millions of apps in Google Play Store ,how do you know that your app stands out in the crowd?


Top marketing tips  that can take your app marketing efforts in the right direction.


Originality in any context is appreciated and it is no different when it comes to marketing your app. An original app idea is always an advantage and the sure shot way of garnering customer’s attention.  Some of the ways that you can be original are:

a) Be the First one to come out with your type of app or

b) Present an existing app in a unique way.

Since there are already millions of apps published, you can differentiate your mobile app by presenting an already existing concept in a unique way. This can further augment your reputation in any of the app store.

Social Media:

Every Organization must have a Social Media Strategy in place.  With a majority of your target audience on one social platform or other, it is the easiest way to maximize your reach , create a buzz about your brand. Social Media can be a perfect communication tool for the developer and the app user. This helps in communicating with the vital users of the app for keeping their reviews within the app stores always positive. You can run social media campaigns on platforms frequented by your target audience to increase visibility and activation.

App Store Optimization:

App Store Optimization with Search Engine Optimization plays an important role in the Mobile App Marketing. The estimators on ASO informs the publisher how the query is been searched in the App Store. The main factors where the app is ranked in App Store are:

a)      Number of Downloads

b)      Reviews/Feedback/Ratings.

c)      Installs & Uninstalls.

d)      App Quality

Read our Blog to know more about App Store Optimization.

Public Relation for App Marketing:

By applying few Public relation tactics the app can be marketed effectively. Collect all the information about the App for E.g.: the press releases about the releasing of the app. Prepare a press Kit containing the salient features of the App.

In addition, you can get the reviews of the niche developers which would help in sealing the position in the market.

Organic Marketing:

Organic rankings work differently for Apple Store and Google Play Store. An in-depth understanding of their workings and differences is essential to get increased exposure in the marketplace.

a)      Apple Store Rankings are based on –ad-driven links.

b)      Google Play Store Rankings are based on- App Usage.

Implementing these strategies can grow your App and help you achieve Mobile Success

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