Beacon Technology-Not really a passing trend, but much beyond that..

Posted by Srishti Innovative in Mobile Apps Development India On August 8, 2016 Before we discuss about the current and future developments of Beacon Technology, let�s have a quick recap. A wireless sensor that can communicate with nearby smart phones and tablets is called a Beacon. It uses Bluetooth Low Energy(BLE)to transmit data, so that an action can be triggered. As the name suggests, its energy consumption is low, which in turn reduces the drain on battery life and let the signal pass through physical objects. The capability of receiving information is not attached with Beacons,thus it can only send informations,provided the user has downloaded the particular app and enabled its notifications. As the proverb goes..�Good things come in small packages� Similarly,Beacons are also typically small and inexpensive.It is attached with an unique identifier that determines signal strength and proximity of a user�s device to the Beacon. Beacons do not do tracking on their own.It also gives an option to consumers, whether or not to include the user�s information. They do not have any data on them, it is as simple as, how you can adjust the features of Beacon for the improved quality of your usage. Beacons can be used in different situations from retail, airlines and sometimes even indoor navigation.

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