Fly With Me

Flying involves a lot of time, both in the air and on the ground presenting opportunities to make friends and network with likeminded flyers at the airport, on the flight or during layovers. Fly with me APP connects the flyers who are travelling on the same flight and from the same airport.
For every kind of traveller: Whether you are a frequent flyer or you travel only under duress, Fly with me strives to make your journey more pleasant and will likely help you to make a friend.
User friendly interface: Turn on the app, input details of your flight to create a new trip. Our application shows a list of others fly with me app users travelling with the same details. Users with the similar trip will be shown as INFLIGHT FLYERS in connection.
Around me Radar: User can also connect with other fly with me app users from the same airport too, using our around me radar. User can send connection request and network.
Secure: Fly with me does not give out personal information besides your name and your updated biography. This gives you complete control over who you choose to connect with.

Key Project
  • Android