Sales Search

  • The SaleSearch App is designed to be a quick and easy application that works as soon as the user opens it. There is no "Search" button as the application knows where the user is and what sales are close by so it is easy to use on the move.
  • SaleSearch is ideal to quickly scan for those great sales by getting a birds eye view of where they are. A simple click on a flag provides a quick summary of the sales or promotions, with more detailed information available with a second click.
  • Shop Front search is a great way to see what shops are doing in a glance with their window display showing a glimpse of their current stock and promotions.
  • Read a brief summary of the business's current sale and promotions, with the number of days left to run, as well as a star rating from other shoppers who have rated the sale.
  • Use the Smartphone scanner to receive detailed information on sales or promotion from a window display. Receive business rewards or add them to SaleSearch rewards.

Key Project
  • HTML 5