Java Web Development

Java, with its advanced security and simple development procedures, has emerged as one of the leading technologies for web development today. Organizations work with Java based web services to meet the changing needs of their business, achieve faster go to market and reduced costs of ownership. Its platform-independent feature has made it a crucial part of the World Wide Web.

Srishti’s development team comprises well-qualified tech engineers with experience in Java, Java Script, J2SE, JSP, and J2ME. Our J2EE Team offers services for Java architecture and framework development and services related to JavaMail and Applets. We utilize both Java native capabilities such as JPA, JPQL, JDBC, JCA among others) and open-source persistence frameworks (Hibernate, iBATIS, EclipseLink and others). We have successfully delivered Java-based solutions with focus on security, usability, efficiency and unmatched productivity. Our team constantly researches for new proven Java libraries, tools and frameworks and implements them with the best development practices.

Our Services

Equipped with highly skilled workforce and immense resources, we provide clients with quality solutions and top-notch customer service.

  • Web Application Development in Java.
  • Systems Programming in C, C++, VC++, C-Sharp (C#) and Java.
  • Web Hosting services in JSP and Servlets.
  • Web application maintenance like bug fixing and adding new features.
  • Life cycle testing for web based application and client server products.
  • J2EE Design Patterns.
  • Design and development of applications on J2EE.
  • Projects related to Java CORBA and Java XML.