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Mobile Web Application Development

A mobile web application combines the convenience of one touch devices with the flexibility of the web. Mobile web apps are compatible on multiple OS such as iOS, Android and Windows — making it effortless to deliver your content to a massive mobile audience. Mobile web apps can integrate a wide array of content and deliver it in more meaningful ways such as syncing up of the website content with social media feeds, maps, polls, events, and more.

Mobile Web Apps built by Srishti Innovative utilize the best in class technology — making the development of the application more cost effective and faster while still delivering users with the feature rich experience and finesse of native applications.


HTML 5 is a great option for developing a mobile web application as it is compatible across platforms and devices. HTML5 provides clients with more flexibility and renders websites more engaging and applications more powerful and efficient. It also makes your application highly robust and scalable as it virtually supports any browser. Some of the benefits of HTML5 Applications area:

  • Availability of Geo-location services based APIs.
  • Ability to cache data on the client side that can then be viewed offline.
  • Ability to integrate high quality images, graphics, animation and video making your web content more interactive.


jQuery Mobile

jQuery Mobile is a framework built on top of jQuery that provides a range of user interface elements and features to be used in mobile apps. The technology renders app easy to customize. Some of the benefits offered by JQuery Mobile are:

  • Mark-up driven interface configuration.
  • Helps you create your entire basic app interface in HTML, without the need a single line of JavaScript.
  • Offers a series of custom events to detect touch and specific actions, so that the experience is aligned with touch-screen phones.
  • Interface works on most web-enabled device.


Sencha Touch

Sencha Touch supports a number of devices and platforms like iOS, Android and BlackBerry, which together represent about 95% of the touch-screen phones in the global markets. Sencha Touch is a great solution for mobile application development. Created with familiar coding standards Sencha Touch applications can easily be worked on by teams. The output is completely web-based and can be deployed without waiting for approval or acceptance in native marketplaces.

Srishti Innovative is a prominent development company that specializes in creating innovative and out-of-box apps that harness the potential of cutting-edge hybrid technology. We render innovative and highly interactive mobile applications for various industry verticals encompassing qualitative solutions with rich features and elevated performance that compliment your business insights.