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PRATHEKSHA- supporting children, shaping lives

The heart melting story of a mother who found it difficult to make both the ends meet yet struggled to send her two children to school so that she can erase poverty and hardship from their future, found wide attention when published in "The Mathurbhumi Supplement" . This story got huge response and awareness to the public and it was then that the seed for setting up a non-profit charitable organization was conceived by the founder director of Srishti Innovative Mr. Krishnadas Pisharam and Mrs.Preetha Mohan Executive Director, Srishti Innovative. The vision of Pratheksha is to ensure a world in which each and every child attains the right to survive, protect, develop and contribute. Pratheksha facilitates the educational and life development skills of the children from less fortunate background those who cannot pursue their dreams of a better future. Pratheksha's activities, since inception had been worth appreciating. With organizing blood camps, aiding children's educational means and supporting their life development skills this non-profit has worked its way out to bring positive change in people's life. Srishti's foundation day started with handful activities under Pratheksha (our Non-Profit charity organization); a blood donation camp was conducted in association with Sree Chitra Tirunal Institute for Medical Sciences and Technology. This was received well as a large number of blood donors from various companies inside Technopark turned up for the campaign. Earlier the day, a formal meeting of the various mentees with their mentor, most of who were from abroad was conducted. A video conferencing was arranged for this purpose. Mentees, who were eager to meet their mentor, were received with many good wishes and kind words from their mentors who were from different parts of the world. They enquired about the educational progress, exchanged their thoughts and ideas on various topics and gave them proper guidelines to excel in academics and in life. The parents and teacher who accompanied their wards and witnessed the event commented on the invaluable deeds and support Pratheksha family and expressed their gratitude and satisfaction.

Srishti Innovative expands its base of Operations to Leela Infopark, Hon.Minister for IT & Industries Mr.PK Kunjalikutty inaugurates the new venture

Srishti Innovative expanded its base of operations to Leela Infopark,Technopark; venture inaugurated by Mr. PK Kunhalikutty Hon. Minister for IT & Industries. Srishti, the ISO 9001:2008 certified Company established in 2007, has its other office at Los Angeles- USA; Thejaswini-Technopark and Kesavadasapuram-Tvm with manpower of 110 with major competencies in IOS, Android and Web Application Development. The ceremony was witnessed by many dignitaries including the Technopark, CEO Mr.Girish Babu, Mr. Vasudevan Sr.Business Development Manger and Mrs. Geetha Business Development Manager, Technopark. With a strong customer base in the US, UK, Australia, South Africa and Middle East the company has developed 500+smartphone app and 600+ web apps. Along with the inauguration the Minister also launched the Iphone Application, "My Bill Pocket", a product venture of Srishti that keeps track of all the required docs including bills, receipts, cheques, warranty-guarantee card, certificates etc as images along with date an reminder. This app finds wide use for the techies and youngsters with fast life who find it difficult to retain their bills and other docs. An image of the doc is uploaded into the app which synchronizes the entire details and helps the user retrieve the required info. Speaking on the occasion hon. Minister congratulated and appreciated the company for rising up as a strong and successful company. He blessed the new venture and wished it a grand success and ensured his support for the further growth of the company. Mr.Girish Babu the CEO of Technopark shared the fact that Kerala propelled the states delivering mobile app development and with Srishti crossing over 500+ Smartphone and 600+ Web apps he said "Srishti Innovative shared a significant role in the prospect". Citing the humble beginning and the achievements so far the Sr.Business Development Manager of Technopark Mr.Vasudevan projected the dynamic growth which Srishti showcased past 5 years and also congratulated the company. Earlier, welcoming the chief guests and guests of honour CEO of Srishti Innovative Mr.Krishnadas Pisharam cited how his company rose from a meagre team to a 120 employee company. He highlighted the key recognitions and appreciations the company received recently. The ceremony was also witnessed by many key dignitaries and the CEO's of other companies.

Hon.Minister for IT & Industries Mr.PK Kunhalikutty launches the latest app developed by Srishti Innovative

Srishti Innovative Computer Systems (SICS) has come up with a unique iPhone app which lets you keep track of your essential documents always on the move."My Bill Pocket" is an easy and user friendly app which stores, aggregates and helps you retrieve the data from your bills, receipts, bank cheques, certificates, and warranty -guarantee cards, etc. You just capture the image of your bills, receipts, certificates, etc. and add further more details according to the preferences. The app aggregates the details in Category and helps to prioritize according to your needs.It sends you alerts and reminders for the due dates thereby saving you from paying fines.With search and sort options finding the docs is easy. You can send the bill or any doc through SMS or email and get it printed. Forgot to carry your plane ticket?Relax now with "My Bill Pocket" you can check in with ease and comfort.You can share the docs and files with your friends through email, Facebook and other social media.Another advantage of "My Bill Pocket" app is that it could be accessed even without internet.The app has an automated synchronization once internet is connected. Easy to use and manage this app finds wide use for techies, students and common man. This app finds wide use in our day to day life and especially with the hectic schedules ahead when we often miss the most relevant things,"My Bill Pocket" could be a life saver.So if you want to keep all your required docs, bills, receipts and certificates with you always "My Bill Pocket" is the perfect solution. The app was officially launched by Hon.Minister for IT & Industries Mr.PK Kunjalikutty in the recently held inauguration ceremony of Srishti Innovative's new corporate office in Technopark.

Srishti crosses 500+ in-house developed Smartphone apps

With a clear and vivid vision to become one of the most dominant players in Smartphone app market Srishti has crossed another milestone when it delivered 500+ apps in iPhone and Android. When it comes to Srishti, we take in the complete responsibility of designing, developing and getting the approval from the app store, so that you can be completely relieved about your project. Apps ranging from educational, entertainment, sports, business, geo-location, dating, games, social networking and lot more have been successfully delivered in the long run. SICS has a good customer base in the US, UK, Australia, South Africa and Middle East. With the advent of HTML5 more and more clients are finding it easy and cost efficient to host their desired service with multiple device compatibility. SICS team has been vastly appreciated for rendering quality service with the projected time frame. The methodology and precise quality check up measures which the company maintains helps Srishti to come out with products which are in par with global standards.

Appreciation for Srishti in the recently held Mobile App Conference arranged by Silicon India

Srishti received overwhelming response for its major contribution in the recently held mobile app conference conducted by SiliconIndia in Bangalore recently. Silicon India is one of the global ranked magazines most trusted by professionals for valid news and information. SiliconIndia also organizes several events which are greatly appreciated and looked upon. SiliconIndia conferences are known for delivering clear and intelligent insight into the critical trends shaping the future of technology. The mobile app conference witnessed the uplifting of Srishti Innovative to another level when Mr. Pisharam was selected as the panel of executives to impart his hard gained experience.

Srishti celebrated its 5th Foundation Day

Srishti Innovative (SICS) an ISO 9001:2008 Certified Smartphone and Web App Development Company inside Technopark, celebrated their 5th Foundation Day yesterday. The company established on   4th Sep, 2007 was primarily a web development company with a limited resource of 5-6 members and later adopted Smartphone application development as their primary niche area product focus. With a current manpower of 100+ employees and operational base in India and California, this Company is slowly establishing a strong base in the market and giving a tough challenge to their competitors. The event was witnessed by Mr.Vasudevan Sr.Business Development Manager,Technopark and Ms. Geetha Business Development Manager Technpark who were the guests of honor Mr. Krishnadas Pisharam the CEO of Srishti Innovative, Mr.Vignesh Raj General Manager of Srishti Innovative and Mrs.Preetha Mohan Executive Director, Srishti Innovative. Entire Srishtians who came in their formal company t-shirt attire added robust support to the events. Mr. Vasudevan's words were motivating and depicted the true face of Srishti when he said "smart people doing brilliant smartphone technology" He also appreciated the company for their various CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) activities like blood donation campaigns, eye donation camp and for their unique Pratheksha foundation. Mrs. Geetha Business Development Manager Technopark also spoke about the unique activities which the company is facilitating and bestowed her good wishes for a wonderful foundation day.   Founder director Mr. Krishnadas Pisharam spoke on the occasion citing how this company was formed with 2-3 people with a common vision to cater unmatched quality product at rates beyond imagination. Gifts and accolades were distributed to the mentees of Pratheksha and to the top performers of the company. The day started with handful activities under Pratheksha (their Non-Profit charity organization); a blood donation camp was conducted in association with Sree Chitra Tirunal Institute for Medical Sciences and Technology. This was received well as a large number of blood donors from various companies inside Technopark turned up for the campaign.Earlier the day, a mentees-mentor video conferencing was arranged which facilitated the mentors (sponsors), who support the educational and life development skills of the children from underprivileged families; to meet and learn about the well being and various needs of their wards. There are more than 15 families/ children who are taken care of under Pratheksha those whose lives were completely transformed under this kind act. Srishti, which also promotes the development center for Smartphone Apps, conducted an interesting App Expo which exhibited a large number of iPhone and Android Apps developed in-house. Though a large number of apps which are extremely essential and interesting to us are developed, only few are aware about their existence and this exhibition stroked the right chord by familiarizing commoners and college students with a large number of apps.

Srishti's Android team on its verge for expansion: Huge opportunity for growth

With estimates and speculations of Android's broad scope for Smartphone application, we have geared up our team of Android to prepare the best for future. A brilliant experience from our small set up team has motivated us to plan for its expansion. Enroll with us to join this magnificent opportunity.

Wide range of apps developed in-house for  iPhone , Android and Web

With more than 400+ web App and 200+ iPhone apps developed in-house, Srishti's rating in iTunes was soar to tremendous heights with some of our products. We topped the charts with our app "Animal Sounds app" as No1 in Australian & Indian Store in December, 2012 ;"Footy Star 2012" as No 6 in Australian Store in January and many more. Find a whole range of brilliant apps in our gallery from kid's app to business, entertainment, social networks, sports and lot more. Visit our product portfolio