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Prateksha - Srishti launches its nonprofit institute for charity

It is every child's dreams for a glorious future, a future which holds the key to their aspirations of a promising career. And Prateksha helps this dream by providing educational aides and sponsoring children's education.To know more visit our site pratheksha.com

Srishti Innovative showcased as one of the successful ventures in the recently held Pravasi Investment Consortium

Srishti Innovative is showcased as one of the successful ventures in the "Kerala New Vistas of Development-A Global Indian Perspective" held on 5th Jan 2013 in Dreams hotel, Kochi. PRINCE Holding - The Pravasi Investment Consortium & Equity Holding Ltd. - A one of its kind association focused on unique development project in India. Srishti Innovative is the success story of Mr.Krishnadas Pisharam who was an NRI for more than 10 years. The company set up in 2007 has evolved as a promising and successful firm giving ample employment opportunities for 100+ people. An ISO 9001:2008 company, Srishti's major share of business is the Smartphone market where they are one of the most sought out app providers. Five years down the line the company has come with 500+ in-house iPhone and Android apps and contributed similar share in web development applications. Mr. Pisharam is all praise for the support and guidance from the software set up and Technopark officials who have been always helpful in setting up the company.