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Augmented Reality

Elevating Location Based Services and Image Recognition to New Dimensions

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Client Profile

Brand Activation Management (BAM) is a leading event and experiential marketing agency that creates large scale events, experiences, promotions and brand activations.


BAM was looking at creating an innovative platform to communicate and engage with consumers by harnessing the power of Augmented Reality. BAM-AR offers a unique Augmented Reality experience by combining Location Based and Image Recognition Services.

Features and Functions

  • BAM-AR was developed using the Wikitude SDK on Android and iOS Platform.
  • The full functionality of Aurasma is included in the app, so the user can register with Aurasma anytime to create his own content and view other content on the Aurasma browser.

Location Based Services

  • Find Places of Interest Anywhere: Location based services help you search for places to visit from the App exhaustive list of must- see destinations wherever you are in the city.
  • Exhaustive List of Must See Destinations: The app has an inbuilt, comprehensive directory of places to visit, shopping hubs, restaurants, museums, location of events and properties for sale within South Africa.
  • Customized View: The App provides three views Augmented Reality, List and Map Views showing you all there is to a destination.
  • Information on your Fingertips: The app displays customized information on the basis of your selection and then helps you navigate your way with step by step directions, real-time distance, route and information on other locations on the way.
  • Set your boundaries: You can customize your view to look for places of interest right in your neighborhood or you can define the area of search by setting the radius (in kilometers) from your current location.
  • Social Connect: BAM-AR is able to incorporate the social elements of the app allowing users to share details of their destination and their present location via email.

Image Recognition Services

  • Print Comes to Life: The consumer launches the App and scans the BAM-AR icon on the print by holding the camera. He can then download exciting and relevant content on his point of interest. Marker based AR Systems displays customized virtual content.
  • Increases User Involvement: AR makes the content dynamic giving users reason to engage, create brand awareness, product interaction and enhance the overall user experience.
  • Delivers Superior UI: The App dynamically re-orients and resizes the overlaid graphics respective to marker position and orientation.

To know more about how Srishti can help you mobilize your business, contact us at: support@srishtis.com.