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Lottery Artificial Intelligence (LAI & LAI ll)

Srishti creates the 1st Artificial Intelligence Integrated Lottery Tracking App for RealTime Networking

Client Profile

RealTime Networking, our US-based client, is a pioneer in creating applications that enable business owners in the retail space to manage, automate and mobilize their businesses in real time. The company offers an integrated store management system that is responsive to real time sales and inventory data to improve operations and profits of the store. With RealTime Networking, the store owner or end user can monitor convenience store business (POS App), lottery business (LAI App), game room pay ins and pay outs (GR App) the status of the gas inventory (FM App) and loyal client feedback (CS App).


RealTime Networking approached Srishti to design and deploy a Responsive Lottery Tracking Application that helps convenience store owners monitor lottery sales and make restocking decisions on a real time basis.

Features and Functions

  • Manage high volume of data and information across a wide network of convenience store owners and varied product lines.
  • Compute and Analyze real-time data.
  • Perform data analysis that is customized to the business strategy of the individual store owner.
  • Establish a unique tracking mechanism for lottery sales.


Artificial Intelligence-enabled App: As part of the LAI project, Artificial Intelligence (AI) capabilities are integrated with a Lottery App for the first time ever. AI notifies the store owner of the best selling ticket and on the fast moving instant ticket at his store, the next week's ticket purchase orders, suggestions for lottery reallocations and restocking, arrangement of new tickets and back office inventory management. This allows the App to be responsive and give 100% accurate predictions on the fast moving lottery tickets not only in the store but across the state.

Scalable Application Architecture: Keeping in mind the size of lottery business market and the number of products on sale, the application architecture is scalable using resilient topologies and networks to maximize reliability and quality.

Integration With Smart Devices to Collect Real-time Data:The application provides information on sales of lottery on real-time basis so that store owners can make informed decisions.

GPS Technology and Secure Environment: The access to the LAI App is restricted to the vicinity of the store, made possible by GPS technology. During App login the location is verified before granting access. It gives the store owner confidence that his business application is operating in a secure environment.

Customised Reporting: It provides the store owner with real-time, end of shift and end-of-the-day sales reports for his store and for the entire state with reallocation and restocking suggestions.User can activate, return and make the lottery tickets inactive. The status of the tickets is available at a glance within the app.

Cross-browser and Platform Capabilities: LAI has been deployed across three platforms - iOS, Android & Windows simultaneously with website support for App registration.


Successful Multi-location Deployment:Lottery Artificial Intelligence Application (LAI & LAI II) has been successfully deployed in more than 100 locations in the state of Georgia and deployment is in progress in South Carolina and Massachusetts.

Maximum Productivity and Profits for the Store Owner (end user): Artificial Intelligence allows the App to be more responsive and give 100% accurate predictions on the fast moving lottery tickets not only in the store but across states. This enables the store owner to make informed decisions and improve revenue and profits.

Convenience, Accessibility and Reliability: Entire application gets updated automatically and eliminates paper work. It operates in a secure environment.

RealTime Networking

To know more about how Srishti can help you mobilize your business, contact us at: support@srishtis.com.