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Reps and Sets
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Consumer Application - Fitness and Good Living
Reps and Sets

Be Trim and Fit on the Go with Reps and Sets The Complete Gym Companion, custom-built Best New App of 2013 at Apple App Store.

Client Profile

Reps & Sets was created by Graham Bower and Martin Algesten. Graham is a user interface designer and qualified personal trainer. Martin is a software developer and interaction designer. They are both Apple fans. Reps and Sets is designed by serious gym users, for serious gym users.


Graham and Martin wanted Srishti to create a highly customized gym logging application that was intuitive, fast and simple. The app had to help users log their workouts and track progress like a friendly gym companion.


  • A lean, streamlined design and architecture.
  • A highly personalized user interface and experience, almost like a session at the gym with a personal trainer.
  • Easy navigation through a myriad of options and features.
  • Ability to measure performance and progress on more than one parameter.


Design: Design was one of the key elements of this application.After innumerable visits to the drawing board, we decided to keep the tone and the colors in this application trendy but yet clean and minimalistic. We received very precise brief from our client in this regard.

Multitude of Features and In-depth Understanding: The app is laden with a wide variety of options and features. The features have been conceived after deliberate thought in collaboration with our client and aim to provide guidance on all aspects of fitness and training regime; all of this and more in one app. This project required our team to acquire a deep understanding on the subject.

Some of the unique built-in features are

  • Customizable exercise routines with defined settings for equipments, inclines, speeds and visual weight selections.
  • Search capability that can be used to explore exercises by type, muscle and equipment, etc.
  • Programs, yet another powerful feature of this app, help create templates for workouts that can be re-used or amended over and over.
  • Robust tracking capabilities and personalized reports that monitor progress over time, over multiple parameters and actively suggest areas of improvement.
  • A gym guide manual that explains each exercise in elaborate steps.

Rich Graphics and User-friendly Interface: By making the user interface simple and stunning, we made logging work outs a hassle-free experience. The exercises are displayed systematically in steps, for beginners and experts likewise, accompanied with rich graphics and description. The application is made easy to use and the users can navigate between the screens and features quickly.

Agile Project Management: We adopted proven Agile Work Flow methodology to understand and clearly define client requirements to plan and deploy resources , planning and executing a rapid delivery model that is iterative and collaborative.


Reps & Sets has been selected as "Best New App" by Apple in the App Store in 36 countries, and is the No.1 Paid Health & Fitness App in 14 countries. 

Reps and Sets

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