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Social Transport

Hitting the Road Never Felt So Good!!! Social Transport, Unique Peer to Peer Ride Sharing Mobile Application, Revolutionizes the Way You Travel.

Client Profile

In this age of collaborative communities, car and ride sharing services have begun to gain momentum as a legitimate alternative to traditional taxi services. Social Transport is an Australian-based transportation network company that facilitates peer to peer ride sharing. With vast database of reputed drivers and safe transport to choose from, Social Transport is revolutionizing the way we travel.


With its peer to peer ride sharing concept, Social Transport offers a simple, no-fuss alternative to taxi services that is low priced, environment conscious and secure. On the lookout for a technology partner to breathe life to their idea, Social Transport found a perfect match in Srishti Innovative.


Some of key focus areas for the project are:

  • The Application requires working on vast amount of data on serviceable locations, routes and drivers network.
  • Optimal mapping of demand and supply for faster request fulfillment.
  • Seamless communication between the rider and the available drivers.
  • Ensure consistent and real time content delivery even in locations with sub-optimal internet speed and connectivity.
  • Maintain unified, easy to access user experience across multiple platforms and devices.


Dealing with Big Data:Social Transport services the whole of Australia and entails organizing and working with vast amount of data on geographies, locations, network of drivers, best possible routes with real time additions to the directories and listings. Great care is taken to ensure that all the elements completely sync up to give user relevant information.

Exhaustive List of Ride Sharing Options: Like all transportation services, Social Transport is modeled on the Hub and Spoke System. Serviceable areas are broken down to cities, towns, neighbourhoods and streets and at anytime displays all the ride sharing options available against a request. You can tap on a prospective driver to see his profile and vehicle complete with pictures. You can also see ratings and comments from other riders.

Passenger in Control: For the first time ever the passenger is truly in control of where to go and how much to pay.

  • Social Transport allows riders to choose the vehicle, the driver and the price, tailoring every ride to suit their requirements. One can even request for lady drivers.
  • The App can help choose on the basis of expected time of arrival (estimate distance) of the available drivers to the pickup spot.

GPS Enabled Tracking Services: Power packed GPS enabled features are the backbone of the application.

  • Upon receiving a trip request, the application immediately registers the location even if the address is not known.
  • At any time, the rider gets all the options available around his neighborhood with real-time updates. He gets information on inventory of riders in the neighborhood with estimated time of arrival to the pickup spot.
  • One can even watch the drivers navigate to the agreed upon pick-up spot via a map.
  • GPS also gives the choice of best routes to negotiate to the destination.

Seamless Communication: The App comes equipped with chat feature that enables drivers and riders to connect in real time. One can talk to the driver on phone. The potential rider can also register on the application with Facebook. The Passenger can review the experience and leave feedback on the driver which helps fellow passengers. The driver can also rate the passengers.

Integrate Litany of Payment Options: The passenger can choose from a wide variety of payment options on a suggested donation model while remunerating the driver. The options available include Cash, Credit Card and Payment integration services via Paypal.

Consistent Content Delivery : The speed of internet and connectivity plays a crucial role as the application has to ensure consistent user experience while catering to fluctuating internet connectivity and sub optimal internet speeds in certain locations.

Multi-platform and Multi-device Integration : Social Transport is deployed on iOS and Android platforms and special care is taken to ensure consistency in look, feel and performance of the app. The application also offers seamless integration of data on the registrations received on the Social Transport website created by us. www.socialtransport.com

Agile Project Management: Like all our projects, Social Transport is developed on proven Agile Work Flow clearly defining the client’s requirements, planning and executing a rapid delivery model that is iterative and collaborative.


Social Transport is one of the leading ride sharing applications in Australia and boasts of an extensive network of drivers and rider using the facility.

Social Transport

To know more about how Srishti can help you mobilize your business, contact us at: support@srishtis.com.